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  • 22 May, 2021
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This is a natural plant gifted to us by nature, we need to realise the healing qualities it has. It is the most interesting plant to exist on planet earth. It is known as the tree of life. All through our history it has been known for its multiple uses. Most people are familiar with using it for recreational purposes. Although that is changing dynamically now, as there are many very desperate people out there where pharmaceutical drugs are not working for them.
Marijuana was discovered 37 million years ago. Humans started using the plant about 8000 years ago.
Initially eating its seeds as a food source, which are quite nutritious. It was later discovered that the plant stem can make high quality fibres, being tough and rot resistant. It has been used to make clothing, paper, rope, string…. you name it.
We need to understand how to use it. We need to know what the capabilities of the plant really are. We are constantly learning about all the different aspects of the plant. We have found amazing medicinal value in the roots and have made an amazing green powder for organic shakes.
THC is the psychoactive component. It works by mimicking the effect of pre-existing neurotransmitters in our brain, known as cannabinoids. Cannabinoids are present in humans and in all types of animals, anything with a skeleton has an endocannabinoid system.
Cannabis has multiple cannabinoids, besides just THC. THC specifically mimics the effects of the naturally occurring cannabinoids and neurotransmitter Anandamide. Your body uses Anandamide throughout your nervous system by functioning to regulate hunger, sleeping and pain relief.
Anandamide is also involved in the immune system and has even been shown to inhibit breast cancer cells from multiplying.
Given that THC mimics this naturally occurring transmitter, studies show that it behaves as if your system was having an increased amount of Anandamide, for the most part. Which is why many of the symptoms of marijuana use are directly related to the effects that Anandamide has on people.
Why Cannabinoids?
We create our lives with every thought and all the actions and choices we make. Our bodies are the same. Every single condition is man-made. Yes, how potent are we?!!
Your endocannabinoid system in your body is your DNA. The footprint. This is the only product that does DNA mapping. Any imbalance in the body represents a toxic build up.
Pharmaceutical drugs are a synthetic supplement that one takes. The receptors in the cell’s walls, do not recognize this foreign substance, which covers them and masks the imbalance. This toxifies the body even further and causes further imbalances. People whose bodies cannot function without pharmaceuticals, are drug addicts.
Cannabinoids work because we are born with them in our body and our body produces them itself! It is a natural supplement that the body recognizes and knows it can work with. It is found in breast milk, which is why breast milk is so good for the baby. The cells, therefore, recognize the cannabinoids and open up to receive the positive energy.
People don’t die from cancer – they die from the drugs!! All the chemotherapy and the radiation damage to the cells. The poison.
Toxins are found everywhere,…. radiation, inoculations, products we put onto our body, in the air we breathe and the water we drink. You can’t eat anything now without reading the label first. Two of the most detrimental toxins are: our thoughts – which our body is responding to all the time and pharmaceutical drugs, which so many bodies cannot function without, rendering them drug addicts. All these things have a dynamic impact on our physical health and the reason so many people out there are desperate for cannabinoids. They are suffering and pharmaceuticals are not working.
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Yours in Healing, DR Wilco (TMP) 

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