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  • 22 May, 2021
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It’s a common misconception that all marijuana is the same. That cannabis oil will heal them. Or that it’s just about the THC. Or just about the CBD. People are not aware or educated.Marijuana has at least 85 different cannabinoids. Each one having the ability to impact a person differently. In order to capitalise on different components that can be used, farmers have developed so many different strains of marijuana, that there are more species of marijuana for medicinal and recreational use than there are breeds of dog.

As we know, each strain effects a different area of the body. The Sativa plant works with the mind and head. It’s great for focus, clarity, concentration, creativity.The Indica plant works with the body, pain and sleep. HybridsSome plants have bastardised – i.e. they are a blend of both indica and sativa in them. They are natural hybrids. It grows naturally and self-mutates. So we can take that, blend it with a few other oils and make miracle remedies. Great medicinal value. Note: indica and sativa cannot grow next to each other, they would destroy each other with cross pollination. The only way is through the root, to graft it and you grow one plant out of it. I have had a woman sit opposite me saying “this cannabis stuff doesn’t work”. She was a chronic insomniac. She had been taking the purest form of cannabis – sativa strain – for 2 years!!!. Activating her brain to the fullest extent, to try and fall asleep.. The public need education desperately…

Outdoor The best grown medicinal weed is still grown out in the open mountains, where cross pollination occurs naturally, with natural flowing water and the plants are self-mutating. With no man influencing it. Other than harvesting it. They plant, then leave it for a 6-month cycle, then harvest. They chop the remnants up, which work their way back into the soil, as natural compost and fertilizer and then they plant new seeds. Indoor At a nursery, they will grow “x” high. Then they will go into a lab, and they will harvest every 4-6 weeks. Because of the enhancement of light. We don’t put them into the lab until they are a certain height, and well into their growth spurt. The lab gives purer in toxicity levels due to zero toxins and a fully controlled environment. Hence why the THC levels are higher because the plant is stronger. Whereas in mother nature, the plant grows according to the elements. We have found 2 plants in mother nature in Swaziland, that have naturally given us 22% on a single extraction. 90% of the bulking oil for the medicine come from Swaziland. The other 10% of blends comes from all over the world. We contribute to 70 000 people being employed in Swaziland. • the bulking oil of the best-known medical grades available, come from Swaziland. • We own 12 of the 14 best known strains in the world. • 2 strains from Transkei• 9 of the top strains are grown in Swaziland. SG – Swazi Gold


We work with and own 49 strains. And we use 9 strains in each product to target the entire body. We are the only multi strain company in the world. We supply a one-month dose of the capsules as we change the strains in the capsules with each batch. This is so that your body does not become immune in any way. We are targeting new cells, more toxins and activating the body. And, if your body gets use to “x” strain, there are another 8 in there to sort the problem out! The pharmaceutical company would run off gazillions of the same batch and your body would become resilient to it. You will see that we micro-dose throughout the day. A little bit in the morning, a little bit at lunch time, a little bit stronger in the evening at rest. What we are doing, is forcing the immune system by giving positive energy in small doses, all the time. And then by changing the strains, it activates the immune system to say, “wake up and start working.”With the different strains effecting different areas of the body, they can each be used to help people with specific diseases and can be adapted to suit that specific imbalance.

3 of the products on their own, Detox, Infused, #5 capsule: ~ heal 90% of the dis-eases. We have healed over 2000 conditions so far and 8000 terminal cancers.Multi strain sorts the body/dis-ease out a lot quicker than single strain products, which will only target one area of the body.There are 9 different types of THC and the THCVa and the THCV4 (the drug part which is the part that is detrimental to our nervous system and the part the sniffer dogs are trained to detect is removed from our system. (yes, tried and tested countless times). I have even patted a sniffer dog with all products in my bag. ????If you had to put all 49 strains in one – we would be putting the equivalent of 36000 volts through the body. The volts in our plug point being 220. If you have been shocked by a volt – 200-300 – the hairdryer would fall out your hand and you would be thrown to the floor. With 36000 volts, you would turn into carbon and disintegrate. It would turn your bones into powder. Potent stuff!

MICRO DOSING We micro dose the body. If you are too aggressive with the dosage on the body, your immune system will shut down, thinking everything is just fine. If you hit your body too hard, your body would hit you back. By micro-dosing, not only are we then below the legal limit. But we don’t shock the body. By putting little doses into the body regularly, the body absorbs it better and we gently pull the toxins out the body, strip it of toxins so we can build it up again and then balance it. When we micro-dose we can control the ‘high’. It’s also great for when working with children and the elderly. Or working with the kidneys – as one needs to work gently with the likes of kidneys and beta blockers.We are giving little bits of positive energy to energise the endocannabinoid system which energises the immune system which resets your DNA.Prior to the permit: Pre-legalisation, our products are below the legal limit anyway. We have not needed government approval for legalisation. Per 100mls, there is 1ml THC allowed.

Please visit our secure website with transactions easily and securely done with Pay-Fast . Check out the testimonials, studies, dietary advise and book a free cannabinoidal treatment consultation.Yours in Healing, DR Wilco (TMP) ????

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