Covid Packs

  • R650

*Infused Drops10ml-rub three (children and elderly) to five drops (adults) under tongue twice a day, in the morning and at lunchtime.(One drop at a time)*VitC/Zinc/Selenium Combo 60s -Take one capsule twice a day with or after a mealV*it D3 1000mg 30's - Take one tablet daily with breakfast*Eucalyptus Roll on 11ml -Apply to chest and back for cough or apply to back of neck, under feet or around the navel area.*Covid Immune Booster Rub 30ml Covid positive patientsRub drops onto to fatty parts of skin, preferably tummy, thighs, upper arms or buttocks twice daily for 3 days then repeat on 7th day. Preventative UseOne dose immediately and repeat in 48 hours.Repeat one dose every 2 weeksWASH HANDS IMMEDIATELY AFTER USE/ AVOID CONTACT WITH EYES

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