Moringa (60'S)

  • R130


• Treats oedema

• Protects liver

• Treats stomach disorders

• Beneficial for skin care and hair care

• Acts as an antibacterial agent

• Combats cancer

• Treats neurodegenerative diseases

• Improves bone health

• Boosts immunity

• Protects cardiovascular system

• Treats diabetes

• Treats asthma

• Prevents stone formation

• Protects against kidney problems

• Wound healing

• Reduces hypertension

• Improves eye health

• Treats anaemia and sickle cell disease

Anti-Diabetic – Decreases blood glucose levels

Bones – Vitamin K, protein and calcium to support bones

Vision – Vitamin A contributes to healthy vision

Energy – Iron and Calcium support energy yielding metabolism

Digestion – Calcium contributes to the normal function of digestive enzymes. Fibre supports regular bowel movements and digestion


Muscle growth – Protein and 9 essential amino acids supporting growth and maintenance of muscle mass. Great for vegans and vegetarians

Immunity – Iron and Vitamin A provide essential immune boosting functions

Skin and ageing – Vitamins A and E. Anti-oxidant – protects, repairs and prevents cellular damage. Fight free radicals, unstable molecules that damage collagen, causing dry skin, fine lines, wrinkles, premature ageing

Reduction of tiredness & fatigue – Iron and Vitamin A. Vitamin A supports the metabolism of iron – provides more energy


1 Capsule twice a day, morning and evening


** Avoid if on blood thinners **

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